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I have finally completed my son's room... it has only taken me 7 months... better late than never I guess!  The last piece I needed was a toy box to store all of his, and I mean many, toys. He is one spoiled boy!

Here are some pictures... on a side note I have to tell you about the paint on his wall! And yes I painted it myself! I was very happy, it turned out better than I ever could have imagined. First, I painted the wall white, then I measured the wall and divided it into sections and taped them all off. (make sure you use Frog Tape, which can be found at Home Depot for around $8.00)
It looks like this...

It makes for straighter edges and I think it is easier to work with! Once it was all taped off I started painting! Here is the final product!
 I found his toy box at an estate sale a couple months ago. It was actually about this same color, which I thought was perfect. I just gave it a good sand and distressed it a little more, then I used a rag and touched the whole thing up by rubbing on a walnut brown stain. I love how it looks!

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