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Last night I hosted a bridal shower for my youngest sister, the theme was "Sweet Beginnings!" It was such a fun little shower and of course it is always fun to have a reason to see family and friends!

 The theme of her wedding is tiny floral prints. So I decided to make a pendant banner out of floral paper, I traced and cut out letters to attach that read "Sweet Beginnings." I then made tissue paper pom poms to add a big impact for a small price.

I also hung pictures of the happy couple with clothes pins

Sweet Beginnings Bridal Shower Buffet
All of the food was to die for... I ate way too much and I didn't regret it... it was that good! We had cheese and crackers, the best spinach and fruit salad ever... in case you can't tell that is my favorite! It has spinach, all kinds of fruit, bacon, cheese, almonds, and it topped with a citrus dressing... I can taste it now!
 We had the brides 3 favorite candies... Nerds, Sour Watermelons, and Sour Patch Kids

I made mini chocolate cupcakes with Oreo frosting and mini chocolate chip cookies! We also had fruit pizzas... for those of you who have never tried a fruit pizza, let me explain! It is a soft and chewy homemade sugar cookie, with some kind of cream cheese and whipped cream frosting, and then you pile on the fruit! 
My mom also brought everyone their own individual relish cup... they were adorable!

Cake centerpiece made out of kitchen towels
This is the centerpiece on the kitchen table! I have always wanted to try and make one of these cakes, so I figured now was the time. I just used dish towels from home goods and I bought an assorted pack of wooden spoons and spatulas.

We set up a table with dish cloths and fabric markers and had every guest write their best cleaning or marriage advice to the bride!

A huge thanks to everyone who helped, I could not have done it without you! I am so happy for my little sister and can't wait for the big day!

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  1. Lovely bridal shower!! Loved all your arrangements especially chocolate cupcakes. Will do something different in my bridal shower at one of venues in San Francisco. A talented event planner will be hired that will help in making day best one.