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I am so excited to share my new entryway project with you! I decided it was just a little too boring for my liking and wanted to do something bold to spice it up. I decided black and white stripes would do the trick! Here is the entryway before, my walls were already white so I didn't have to worry about priming and painting that first.

I started off by sketching out my measurements and stripes on a piece of paper. From the ceiling to the top of my baseboards it is 102 inches. I figured I would do 9 stripes which worked out to be about 11.33 inches for each stripe. I wanted to make it an odd number of stripes so that black would be on the top and bottom of the wall! Next is the hardest part or should I say most time consuming, the taping!

I started out in the corner by my door and measured the width of each stripe, a yard stick comes in handy for this. Then, from my marks at each stripe use a level and pencil and draw out each line. Once you have all your lines drawn out it's time to start taping. I would suggest to use the green Frog Tape, you can find it at any Home Depot or Lowe's. (Make sure to put the tape just a little below each of your lines, that way the paint will cover the pencil marks)

After all the taping is complete the fun part begins!!! I would suggest painting over your tape seams with the color of your wall. In my case, I went over all my tape lines, where I was painting the black stripes, with white. This will make a sort of seal at the tape edges and cut back on the bleeding of paint under the tape.

I let that paint dry for about 30 minutes to an hour and then it was time for the black! I painted on 1 coat and decided it definitely needed 2. Once the first coat dried (probably about an hour) I painted the second. I let that dry for maybe 20 to 30 minutes before I started peeling off the tape. I think it is better to peel it off before it is all the way dry, and make sure to peel off towards the paint at an angle.

What do you think?
If you notice the frames on the wall are now silver!!! I decided since I went with the black stripes the black frames needed to be painted, so they would stand out and be seen. I was going to paint a color and then thought silver would be the best and I love them!

Here is the before picture of the frame.

I bought these at Ikea for only $30.00. I bought the silver spray paint at Lowe's, I suggest the Rustoleum brand, it seems to spray on the smoothest!

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