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I'm invading A Painted Nest tonight because I have invited myself as a guest poster on my sister's blog. My name is Hadley Alvey...and I'm the sister of A Painted Nest's mastermind, Chantel. I have a blog on my own called Living With Boy. Visit if you wish! (It's a work in progress)

Before I show you the project Chan and I have been working on tonight, I feel like I need to tell you a few of the perks of being the sister of a genius crafter...

#1: I have a house full of fabulously colored kitchen, coffee, and side tables.
#2: I have a burlap tree skirt, which I couldn't have even dreamed up.
#3: Every good home decor idea I have ever had gets made better and then ACTUALLY gets made.
#4: And did I mention all the good furniture I now own, even on a newly married budget and newly married size apartment??

I'm sure all of you are enjoying Chan's work just as much as I am, but this next project is like nothing you've seen before....It was fast, fun, and most importantly ADORABLE!

Boy and I have a bunch of important papers scattered all around our tiny one bedroom apartment that are constantly looking for a home. I ventured out to the local thrift shop and just happened to find the perfect filing cabinet, which was all banged up. With Done Over Decor in mind, I loaded the trashy thing in my car and recruited Chantel's help.

I've been on a modge podge kick and had some extra burlap lying around from Christmas, so we put two and two together and made the cutest filing center you've ever seen. Hope you enjoy the pictures below!

Thanks for reading....I've been nervous the entire time typing with such a large audience!

Yes, Chantel did freehand the thumbtack and paper clip. AMAZING. She was blessed with the steady hand in our family.

Cute nephew....terrible crafter....

 My haircut courtesy of Madison (our other sister).....I come from a talented family!

Finished Project! I'm DYING!

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