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Looking for a fun, unique display for your front hall or entryway? Have a box full of fabric scraps with no fun projects in mind? Check out this DIY project! We think it is such a good way to welcome guests to any home! The best part is, you can do it yourself, super easily!

Check out our 7-step easy tutorial below! 

Modge podge fabric on an old frame and hang a wreath in the middle, a great entryway decor piece

1. Find a fabric you LOVE! Ours came from Ikea. Cut to your desired height and width. You may even want to cut it into something besides a square. A heart maybe?!

2. Get a frame! We buy most our frames from thrift shops or the DI. They usually come cheap and only need a little bit of TLC. This one was $3 from the DI.

mix water and elmers glue to make a homemade modge podge
3. Grab your modge podge and a paint brush! We use this sticky stuff quite often, so we just make our own. Make your own batch with equal parts water and elmer's glue. Store in a mason jar to keep it from drying out between uses.

4. Paint a base coat of modge podge directly to the glass where your fabric will sit. Place fabric down and smooth. Do a top coat of modge podge for extra strength. (Sounds like we are painting nails right?)

5. Set aside to dry. If you are new to modge podge, it is normal for your solution to be a little "milky" in color. Don't you worry, it will dry clear.

6. While the fabric and frame are drying, grab your moss. We found ours at save-on-crafts.com for $9.00 (That site is loaded with goodness, by the way) Then just mold it into your desired shape. Circle, star, heart, or whatever you like best.

7. Once you've got your wreath molded and your fabric has had a chance to dry completely, it's time to attach your pieces together. We used a bunch of strands of black and white bakers twine to hang our wreath. What will you use? Twine? Raffia? Yarn?

There you have it. 7 easy steps to a beautiful entry way! We'd love to hear how this project turned out for you!
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