How To | Add a Little Character To Your Garden

Here is our first of many HOW TO posts! And we are starting with a bang! 

Take a look at these ADORABLE d.i.y. garden labels

We used pineapple juice cans, just because we liked the size, but regular ole' cans would work just fine too! Be sure to remove the outer paper layer. You won't want "Dole" peeking through.
 These little things can be purchased from any grocery store. We'd be more than glad to come over and help you drink all the juice if you need a hand!
We used a can opener to open one side, just so we'd have a way to post them in the garden!

We really wanted our cans to have a rustic look so we used a crackle paint. No more than $5 at Walmart!
After the juice is gone and the paper wrapper has been tossed, coat your can with the crackle paint and let it dry. You may not see much crackle yet, but when you add color it will become more defined!

Next we selected our paint colors!
The paint we used can be found a Walmart for around $.60 each. It is just your standard acrylic paint. Grab a brush and paint over the crackle coat! Leave to dry.
Once our cans were dry and crackly, we just grabbed a few sharpies and started decorating! Finally  give them a coat of clear poly, so they'll withstand all the outdoor elements.

After we had finished drawing we took them to the garden to examine our work! We used branches and simply set the can on our branch and then stuck them straight into the dirt!


1. buy cans
2. empty cans
3. remove one end of cans
4. crackle coat
5. let dry
6. acrylic color coat
7. let dry
8. label cans, go sharpie crazy
9. poly coat
10. let dry
11. place in garden
12. watch your garden grow

TOTAL PROJECT PRICE: $20-$25 (steal!)

DID IT WORK? Show us pictures?

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