We went away, but we are way glad you didn't.

You may have noticed we weren't the best at posting this weekend, but it is because we were in sunny California for a few days! So forgive us for ALMOST forgetting to announce our first giveaway winner! (Wondering if you won? Well, if your name is Maryanne Fields, you did!)

We are planning to run ANOTHER give away sometime between Today and Saturday of this week, so check back to increase your chances of winning!
Thanks for all the support you've been giving us so far! We get so excited everyday as we see more likes on our Facebook page, more of our items being pinned to Pinterest, more of our posts being read, and more and more people learning about A Painted Nest! If you are new, WELCOME! We hope you'll like what you see and read. If you do, tell your friends. If you don't, tell us how we can improve!

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