House Project | Antique Door Turned Headboard

Find of the decade!!!!!!!!! 

We stumbled upon a yard sale in the salt lake city avenues a few weeks ago, and ended up with a bunch of good treasures. This old door was our very favorite and had a price tag of only $25.
 We decided to keep the door as is. So with just a little bit of sanding, we removed any loose paint particles. Then topped it off  with about 6 coats of poly! We left the hardware and old nails in it too! So what are we going to do with this beauty you ask?

HEADBOARD! It is the perfect piece for a little cabin tucked away in the trees! Are you dying? We are dying!!

What other cool things have you seen done with old doors? We'd love some more inspiration for the next time we stumble upon a piece like this!

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