How To | Paint A Ceramic Vase

With the weather finally starting to resemble summer, some of you may have been thinking about getting your yard in order or looking for some fresh new decor pieces for your home! 

Today we hope to inspire you with a tutorial on how to take that old vase you've had in your garage, or your latest thrift store find, into a "like-new" piece!

First, find a vase you love. Don't worry about color, focus on shape and detail. The color can be changed so easily! We found ours at the DI for a whole 5 bucks.

Second, grab some liquid sander at your local hardware store and follow the directions on the bottle. It'll get some of that bad paint off and prepare your vase for new paint. Home Depot stocks it for about $7.00 

Third, choose your new vase color and get some rust-resistant spray paint! We wanted a bronze metallic finish on ours, but options are endless. Walmart stocks spray paint and it's usually under $6.00. Oh, and shake your can like crazy prior to spraying!

Fourth, do a couple coats to make sure the old paint is covered completely. Going outside and using a drop cloth are two really good ideas when spray painting.

Fifth, Ta-da! Find the perfect spot for your vase once it is completely dry. How about in your entry way? The side of your fireplace? Next to a fabulous table?
Oh by the way, the topiary pictured was at a home decor store in the damaged goods section. We were able to buy it for $10 because it's original vase was broken. Always check the bruised and bashed sections at your favorite shops. We always find unexpected goodies!

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