Antique Metal Trunk Makeover

I am beyond excited about this antique trunk transformation! Not only is it such a unique and unusual find, the transformation with a little paint is unbelievable. This by far has been one of the funnest projects, I am so excited to share it with you!

 Here is the trunk before picture. It is metal and wood with some leather straps still attached. I love the worn metal and wood, it gives this trunk a very unique character!

Now for the fun part, prepping, painting, sanding.... all the fun stuff!

I stumbled upon a new paint, at least new to me, and this is my first project using it. It is Sweet Pickin's Milk Paint. Which can be purchased through Etsy here!

Milk paint has been around for years, this is just my first time trying it out. It is made out of milk protein and is a completely green paint, 100% VOC free. It comes in powder form that you mix yourself in water. My favorite part about milk paint is the time I cut down with prepping. There is not as much prep time as with Latex or Lacquer paint. Now with that being said, Milk paint is very unpredictable and rarely will you get the same look on furniture pieces. It makes for some unique and fabulous furniture pieces if you ask me!

I started out by spraying the entire trunk with Shellac, this acts as a bond for the milk paint! Once that is dry it is time for paint. I just buy the dollar store bristle brushes to use with milk paint, I think being able to see some brush marks just add to the antique look! I used the 2 colors Creamy and Sunflower for this trunk! What do you think???

For other fun tutorials and to order and see all colors available you can visit Sweet Pickin's!

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