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Today we are breaking away from the normal Who's Who... We hope you don't mind! We have so many new followers, we thought we would use this week to tell you a little more about A Painted Nest.

My name is Chantel. This whole ordeal started when I began refinishing furniture for friends and acquaintances, out of my garage, just over 2 years ago. I got the idea while I was pregnant with my first little boy, Buster. I needed a way to earn some extra money, but I wanted to be home being a mom at the same time. Our little business was called Done Over Decor and I absolutely loved it. I was shocked and surprised by the response and business I started receiving when I posted my refinished designs online for sale. It was such a great way for me to enjoy what I was doing and make money while doing it, all in the comfort of my furniture filled garage!

With this little blog I hope to inspire you with some great home, health, decoration, furniture ideas to uplift and make us all enjoy our lives a little better!!!

A big thank you to all our supporters! We love your comments and feedback. The plus side to being a small business, is that we actually see, read, and respond to each and every email we receive, so keep them coming! We hope we will have a little something for everyone to enjoy on our site!

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