Fall + A Painted Nest = DIYs

If you are like us, you probably cannot crunch one more leaf under your foot or walk by one more bag of those scented pine cones at the craft store, without being bombarded with a bunch of DIY ideas. If you can't come up with any of your own, feel free to borrow ours or borrow from the one million plus, Pinterest has to offer.

With one of the best holidays ever just around the corner, we thought we'd give you a few dinner table ideas and a few other ideas to dress up your home and get everything ready for Fall! Please know..all these crafts are totally easy and VERY inexpensive. We completed most of them by gathering from our neighborhood and with a newborn and a two year old "helping"....in other words, IF WE CAN DO THIS, SO CAN YOU!

A fancy, elaborate table setting might not be very impressive to the the younger crowd, so we thought a kids table with a coloring craft might be a good alternative and help keep the nice meal from turning into a food fight. We found this cute kids pine cone crayon holder on the cutest party blog you'll ever visit. Amanda over at Amanda's Parties TO GO has the cutest ideas for every type of party you might consider throwing. A few Novembers ago she made these darling crayon holders using a pine cone turned sideways. Can't even imagine how big of a hit these will be when the little tikes sit down for their Thanksgiving feast. We also love the corn husk goodie bag for dessert, that means more pie for the adults :)

Now that the littles in your family are happy, spend a little time for yourself. Here are a few simple ideas to adorn your adult table come Thanksgiving. All it takes is some leaf  and pine cone collecting with your family, a gold sharpie, and real good penmanship. 

We cannot even tell you how easy and how much we love our cinnamon scented pinecone garland. We found the pinecones at Smiths grocery store on sale for $3.99. Each Garland took one full bag. Measure a piece of twine to desired length. Be sure to give yourself a little lee-way, you'll be wrapping and knotting your pinecones in place. We didn't worry too much about getting similar sized pinecones or the amount of space left between each cone, the imperfection gave it a good rustic look and who really cares when it smells so nice.

The next DIY requires some sort of small pot, a pine cone, twine, and some greenery to embellish, we used some moss we had lying around. Simply create this pine cone topiary by setting a pine cone in a small pot and surrounding with greenery. Complete the project by tying a twine bow around the pot. Ta Da!

You likely have our next DIY pinned on one of your Pinterest boards. We certainly did. We created this Thankful Tree by collecting twigs from our backyard and raiding our scrapbook closet! Spend a night with your family writing things you are all thankful for on the mini hearts! We love how cute it looks paired with this bold wall in our entry way!

Feel free to email us if you have questions! We'd also love to hear about and see all your easy Fall crafts!

As an added bonus we have two FREEEE downloads available for your tasting and viewing pleasure!

NUMBER ONE, in our family we LOVE Wassail. We usually wait to enjoy it on Christmas Eve, but we thought maybe our Nesters might like to incorporate it into their Thanksgiving menu, so for a delicious hot drink, download our wassail recipe below. Even if you don't intend to drink it (BUT WHY WOULDN'T YOU), it'll make your house smell like the most delicious thing you have ever smelt. Even my hot drink hating husband likes the way the house smells when I've got wassail simmering on the stove!

November- Wassail Recipe Download
NUMBER TWO, an 8" x 10" Fall print will add a festive touch to your home decor. If you're like us, we love switching out a print or two to correspond to the holiday at hand. Simply download and print from home or send to your local print shop! Frame it and hang or prop or rest it in a easel or whatever else you want to do to display! Hope you enjoy :)

November- Subway Art Download

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